1. She bought an elegant  small  new  rectangle  black  Chinese   rubber    phone softcase.
opinion   size    age     shape      color    origin   material       object
2. I brought a simple   big   new  rectangle  black  Japanese  plastic       map.
opinion  size  age      shape     color     origin   material   object
3. My brother gave a    nice    medium  new rounded army green American   leather   slingbag.
opinion      size     age    shape       color         origin      material   object
4. Mom borrow an antique  small old tubular brown Greek  ceramics  glass.
opinion   size  age  shape   color  origin  material  object
5. My sister broke a rare       small new triangle red    Australian ceramics  plate.
opinion   size   age  shape   color     origin     material  object

Student Leadership Basic Training 3 Senior High School 2017

So I'd like to tell my experience about a Student Leadership Basic Training which I've done on 21st until 23rd September 2017. This event took place in PUSSENIF (Pusat Kesenjataan Infanteri) which located in W.R.Supratman Street number 60, Bandung.

     First of all, the students of 3 Senior High School gathered in the PUSSENIF's field at 6:30 AM. After all of the students already there,we directed to do opening ceremony. We were receiving a sign in the form of a red ribbon as the sign of the training participants. Then,we went to Graha Yudha Wastu Pramukha building to attend the first meeting with the soldiers. There,we were told a lot of yel-yel to cheer us up.

     On the first day,we were attending a lot of mentoring from the army leaders about civics. Then we did the activity just like soldiers. We ate quickly,and we slept in army barracks. And also we should be spry.

     On the first day midnight until the dawn on second day, we are in emergency situation-they …

Holiday Plan

Debby and Zarya have a short conversation after chemistry class.

Debby : "I still wondering why we have holiday earlier than the others,don't you?"
Zarya : "Are you kidding me? That was one of the greatest news that I have ever heard! You should have your holiday plan!"
Debby : "Hmm,that's right. I think I will go to my grandma's house,how about you? I'm sure you will just stay at home,watch tv,movie marathon. You are such a lazy girl!"
Zarya : "You know me so well Debby. I don't know what else to do beside that,honestly."
Debby : "Why don't you go somewhere? Just like,have a vacation with your family?"
Zarya : "That's a good idea,actually. But I don't even know why my family are so busy. However they just stay at home,have some conversations,busy with our gadget. So that's why I know that I will just stay at home."
Debby : "Okay then,I will not insist you. It's your own choice&quo…

My Worst Experience

It was happened one week ago,my worst experience. I asked my friends to hang out after the school. Actually,I wanted them to accompany me,because I planned to buy some stationary and my daily need. So,they agreed and we went to a bookstore near our school. After I got the stationaries, we went to a fastfood restaurant beside the bookstore. We sat down there for,maybe 3 hours. Talked about school and friends,also remembering some moments when we were in junior high school. Fortuity,we had been in the same junior high school.        15 minutes later,after we were chatting when the rain suddenly fell down,there was a huge spurt of water from the drains. It made the people who walked through it,wet themselves. I was watching the spurt,and I didn't notice that my mom misscalled me so many time. I thought that my mom got angry because i didn't went back to home quickly. I couldn't go home at that time,I was afraid that my shoes would got wet because of flood. That's …

Sudden Conversation

R : Excuse me,but I think that i have saw you somewhere.
Z : Really? But I think i never saw you before. What I have done that day when you saw me? I think I can't remember it.
R : Hmm,I will tell you. But I am starving enough to remember,let's go to a restaurant.
Z : Okay,lets go. I'm hungry too.
R : What do you want? I want to buy some pizza!
Z : No,I'm fat enough to eat pizza.
R : It's okay,you won't get fat if you exercise every week.
Z : Really? okay then,let's get some pizza!

R : What pizza do you want?
Z : I want a pepperoni pizza with some vegetables.
R : Pepperoni with vegetables? Are you kidding me? You won't find it here.
Z : But i want to stay slim! That's why I order pepperoni with vegetables pizza.
R : Let's eat pepperoni pizza with no vegetables pizza! Then I will bring you to somewhere.
Z : Where?
R : Let's eat the pizza first.

*They have finished the pizza

Z : By the way,I don't even know your name, What's your name…

All About Me

Hi! I'm Zarya. This time i will tell you many things about myself. The first thing that you have to know is the reason why did i write this. I wrote this for English assignment,and honestly I didn't have any idea what to write about.

First,I was born on 29th October 2002. I got a great childhood memories,and also I feel so grateful that I have family who love me. Now I am in 10th grade,I go to school at 3 senior high school. I am an alumnus from 2 junior high school. I was feeling happy when I met lot of people from different background that I could learn many things from them.
"I survive to live,not to disadvantageous other people" My favorite colour is black. Almost all things of mine coloured black,and sometimes my friends complained to me that I wore too much dark colour. So don't be confused if you find me wearing black from top to the bottom.

I think that's enough for my introduction,hope you could understand me well.